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you will ever come across. We take great pride in coming up with ingenious ideas for our clients and we do it with an absolute passion. We are here to disrupt the ecommerce domain with our radically different offerings like ecommerce web development, ecommerce website development, ecommerce app development etc. Our mission at TekMutants is to position our clients as world-class ecommerce brands

Ecommerce: The Gamechanger

In current times more than 40% of all internet users have made an online purchase, spending almost $1.5 trillion a year. Clearly, ecommerce is today a mainstream mode of business and if you can’t leverage ecommerce solutions today, you are going to let your competition take an unfair lead over you. Moreover, ecommerce players have evolved from their initial simple store days to a more sophisticated and profitable ecommerce marketplace.

eCommerce Marketplace: Next Stage of eCommerce Evolution

eCommerce Marketplace: Next Stage of eCommerce Evolution

If you already own an eCommerce website, you can quickly transform it into an eCommerce marketplace. But launching a multi-vendor marketplace is technically challenging and requires a lot of effort in terms of understanding the marketplace dynamics, optimum platform technology, and other technicalities related to integration and development.

If you consider from the eCommerce web development perspective, to deliver a quality user experience in a single store is relatively easier than designing the much complex user interface of an eCommerce marketplace. A properly coded custom website provides many hidden benefits to your company, buyers, and vendors. We are experts in solving any type of user experience or interface related challenges on your eCommerce website.

There are three vital benefits associated
with custom ecommerce website

There are three vital benefits associated<br>with custom ecommerce website

Marketing Packed

With a user-friendly interface, we ensure that you'll be experts in managing your processes and your custom ecommerce site. It will be optimized for search rankings and shopping experience for your customers. We are experts when it comes to SEO for ecommerce websites. The design will make sure your products entice customers to visit and purchase more frequently
There are three vital benefits associated<br>with custom ecommerce website

Ease of Use

1. They are easy to manage, especially if you are using a platform like WordPress, which makes managing your site products and inventory a breeze.  
There are three vital benefits associated<br>with custom ecommerce website

Automated Operation

The site architecture can automate your eCommerce processes from making updates of your inventory to improved logistics management. It will streamline your operation, allowing you more time to focus on growing your business to improve your website sales today  

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TekMutants: The Ecommerce Specialists

When you partner with us, you leverage our 15+ years of collective experience in the field of ecommerce, which spans different business and technology verticals. When it comes to designing, developing, or managing an ecommerce store or marketplace, we can deliver it with style. Here’s how we delight our customers.

  • Holistic Ecommerce Service Partner
  • Certified Ecommerce Platform Designers and Developers
  • Experience with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Volusion, Magento, etc.
  • Ecommerce Store to Ecommerce Marketplace Transition Strategists
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Quick and Hassle-Free Online Support
  • Transparent Progress Reports
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions

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Our Core Specialities

We love seeing ecommerce ideas come to reality. We are creative technologists, and we observe and challenge the old ideas for a better outcome.

eCommerce Pharmacy

Ecommerce web design and ecommerce website development go hand-in-hand with all types of ecommerce businesses we handle at our agency. It's astonishing what you can do to an ecommerce web design with a simple API connection. You can allow your customers to buy drugs safely and legitimately while adhering to all regulatory guidelines.  We have transformed ecommerce pharmacy platforms into one-of-a-kind custom-built systems. 

eCommerce Pharmacy

Online Grocery Store

Online grocery sales are now a fast-growing business. And today, many leading ecommerce retailers are easily competing with brick-and-mortar stores owing to their better online customer buying experience. They are offering ubiquitous convenience and ease of shopping groceries online like never before. We can quickly scale up traffic, customers, and transactions to your grocery ecommerce store through our innovative and intuitive ecommerce website design. We have all the required ecommerce website development tools and developmental strategies to help you launch a successful grocery business in no time. Unlock the potential of your grocery business with our niche ecommerce solutions and services.

Online Grocery Store

Online Vegetable Store

We are helping brick and mortar vegetable sellers and wholesale dealers move to the online shopping landscape with the help of our engaging ecommerce website development ideology. We believe an impactful ecommerce web design is the precursor to a thriving online vegetable selling business. It empowers you to deliver a modern yet smooth buying experience to your customers. You can easily update new stock details on the storefront and start processing high volume orders instantly. Our purpose is to boost the business offerings of our clients through ecommerce, and we have repeatedly done it for many others in the past.

Online Vegetable Store

Technology verticals

Laravel marketplace development

Laravel marketplace development

Our team has worked on many Laravel multi-vendor marketplace projects in the past. Each one of them offered unique challenges, and that is what has kept things interesting for us. We believe in tackling new challenges, and we believe that our team is capable enough to meet different objectives related to Laravel marketplace development

WooCommerce marketplace development

WooCommerce marketplace development

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, which is a popular and reputable content management system. You can also build your own WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace to graduate from the single WooCommerce ecommerce store. Though it is highly customizable but unlike other platforms, WooCommerce doesn’t provide hosting. However, you will need some tech skills to realize the platform’s true capabilities


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Mr. Smith, CEO

I have been knowing the TekMutants team for long now and feel confident to recommend them to anyone owing to their responsiveness & clear articulation of a cleint's thoughts into ideas. A diligent team always excited to take up new challenges and deliver at par!

-Mr. Smith, CEO
a leading technology consulting firm in North Carolina

Mr. Cossou, Founder, Connectify

TekMutants was a stop gap arrangement for us early this year but their business acumen, execution & customer relationship strategies were impressive; I now have them as my extended team that can efficiently manage all our projects & portfolio seamlessly.

-Mr. Cossou, Founder, Connectify
a long time Tech-Veteran in Benin

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