Top eCommerce Trends to Look for in 2021

Jan 02 2021 Written by TekMutants

With increasing digitization, we have everything available at our fingertips with just a few clicks. In the year 2019, eCommerce has taken the front seat and has marked a remarkable growth. In 2019, eCommerce sales amounted to 3.53 trillion USD worldwide and are predicted to reach 4.92 trillion USD in 2021. This stat is enough to speak of the success of eCommerce worldwide. Even in the current year, the enticing growth has led many new sellers into setting their e-stores to sell products online. Hence eCommerce web development company in USA is witnessing full-fledged growth.

The impact of COVID-19 on eCommerce

COVID-19 has made the biggest impact on the eCommerce world as sales have skyrocketed owing to the restrictions that came with the advent of coronavirus. As the world has experienced lockdowns, what kept us going was access to everything online. From necessities to our favorite products, we all resorted to online shopping. While we experienced the perks of online shopping during the COVID period, experts predicted that the shift towards online shopping is here to stay even after COVID-19 will be over. The boost in eCommerce sales is not short-term as people have become comfortable with online purchasing and have tasted the convenience and the benefits it offers.

eCommerce Development Trends for 2021

Top-notch eCommerce website development company in Illinois suggests that simply creating a website to stock up and sell products isn’t going to help. While you are a part of such a dynamic industry, you need to keep up with the latest updates and trends.

1. Voice Commerce

It is estimated that smart search users will rise by 18 percent in 2021. With the increasing popularity of smart speakers, voice commerce has witnessed full swing growth. When you decide to develop an eCommerce store, make sure to include a smart speaker feature in your website strategy for greater ROI.

Some ways to prepare your eCommerce website for voice search –

  • Optimize the site content to appear in voice queries
  • A simple interface when users buy products through voice search
  • Provide easy voice-based navigation on your website or app

2. Social integration

Social commerce is one of the must-have features on eCommerce platforms these days. It is the hottest trend that offers great benefits. Shoppers love integrated experience as it enables them to find the best deals. With increasing ad intensity on social media platforms, people could know about products more conveniently and they could easily find links to their favorite products. Social media is the current hotshot and integrating your website with social platforms is a very important step in today’s time that contributes greatly to growth.

3. Augmented Reality

Online shopping is a real thing today and it is certainly here to stay. Impeccable online experience is very important in winning and retaining customers. Augmented Reality integration provides the user with a view of the products and allows shoppers to visualize how the product will be incorporated into the real world. This helps them understand whether the product meets their needs or not. For instance, while you are buying spectacles online, you could view how the glasses look on your face It allows you to place the eyeglasses on your face so that you could see if it suits you. Implementing this option gives your eCommerce portal an edge and keeps you in the top competition.

4. Omnichannel selling

Omnichannel selling has become inevitable as shopping these days is not just bound to any particular channel. You could leverage established platforms like Amazon, Facebook, eBay to sell your products. Register your products on different channels for a better chance at sales. Multichannel selling is the newest normal that offers a myriad of benefits.

Ways to enhance multichannel selling experience:

  • Optimize the site for usage in mobile devices and consider investing in PWA
  • Offer personalized experience by leveraging tools like SAP Commerce Cloud

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology is a new rage and is utilized to provide a great experience to customers. By deploying AI tech in your eCommerce website, you could make smarter product suggestions and enhance overall experience. AI tech will help analyze trends, buyer behaviour, and, sales channels to ascertain an optimized time, place, and price to list products. Not only will it boost your marketing and sales efforts, but it will also ensure a better customer experience.

6. Progressive Web Apps

PWA has gained immense popularity in the eCommerce industry. A reputed web application development company says that PWA is one of the key trends today as it allows to improve sales and enhance customer experience without making a hefty investment in a mobile app. PWA is basically a website that has a form like a mobile app. If one is not willing to invest in a native mobile app, eCommerce businesses can leverage PWA to provide a better mobile experience.